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High performance Voltage stabilizer(30000UF) & circle earth kit
High performance Voltage stabilizer(30000UF) & circle earth kit
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Details: 30000UF model.
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When a drag racer or street racer wants maximum performance in a race, they shut off all electronic equipment, and many even shut off the headlights in a pure race. This is done to maximize all available voltage and distribute this power to only the most crucial components of the vehicle - the engine and drivetrain.

The MODIPARTS Voltage stabilizer is designed to improve both your electrical system and engine load. Due to the engine motor running the alternator, high electrical load accessories and low voltage levels. Once installed on your vehicles battery and grounded into your chassis, the MODIPARTS Voltage stabilizer will store all idle electrical energy and release it based on engine load as necessary. When your vehicle has multiple components like the headlights, radio, navigation, climate control or other functions turned on, your vehicle is under a much higher electrical stress load than when they are all off. The MODIPARTS Voltage stabilizer chip will now allow less lag or bog occuring from loss of or low voltage levels, and will make sure your alternator will be operational at much lower levels enabling for more engine power to be used for actual driving and not electricity.

You will notice an immediate improvement in idling, start-up, throttle response under load, brighter headlights, better sound response in a much more efficient and powerful vehicle able to start with no problems on the coldest or hottest days nature can throw at us. Also if you have ANY static electricty interference in your vehicle producing "electric noise" during acceleration in your vehicle, the MODIPARTS Voltage stabilizer street unit has enough capacity to get your cabin static interference up to concert hall level sound quality.


1. Disconnect your negative battery terminal from your vehicle.
2. Connect the MODIPARTS Voltage stabilizer to the Red and Black terminals of your battery.
3. Connect the grounding cables into a GROUND (metallic grounded section of the vehicle frame) into the chassis ensuring that it's screwed in tightly. (Loosen any screw, place end of grounding cable underneath and tighten)
4. Finally use the tie clips and/or the double sided tape to place the MODIPARTS Voltage stabilizer box onto an open section of the vehicle under the hood or in the trunk.

- 100% brand new in box.
- Universal fit for all DC12V cars.

Package includes:
1 x MODIPARTS Voltage stabilizer
4 x Earth Cables
1 x User's Guide
All installation parts and accessories come as the picture shown

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