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Racing 10.8mm spark plug cables for MITSUBISHI PAJERO V32
Racing 10.8mm spark plug cables for MITSUBISHI PAJERO V32
  • Model: Diameter:10.8mm
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Details: For MITSUBISHI PAJERO V32 4G54 ,5 lines

Best performance for Racing Car!

Product design Features:
1. Rod, cover separation and spiral fluctuation adjustment can be used various types of engines involved;
2. Double sealing structure of fine silicon rubber cover, rod, can take more effective cope with oil, water, dust and low and high temperature (80-300 degrees Celsius), high voltage odiously working environment;
3. 100% of the silica gel cover has outstanding prevent from oil, water, dust extremely resistant to high temperature and high pressure performance: in its at the same time cover outside, the more equipped with built-in capacitance super anti-interference outer, maximum reducing electromagnetic interference;
4. 100% silicone cases have excellent function on preventing from oil, water, dust and high temperature resistant, high voltage;
5. The shield wire effective filters out confounding electromagnetic wave which make the whole car circuit system perfect balanced;
6. V type elastic double ruffle and 99.9% pure copper conductor connector, has very big tightening force, and electronic passing ability, plus surface chrome plated prevent oxidation can achieve lasting good contacts and conductivity; Make electronic pass through more quickly and more smooth igniting, more accurate and more robust.

Product performance Features:
1. Combustion improving calorific .
2. Fuel consumption reduce .
3. Dynamic ascending .
4. Speed rapid .
5. Reduce carbon deposition .
6. Exhausted emission reduced .
7. Extend engine life .
8. Unique shielding protection function .

Product certification:
1. 2004 national automotive field off-road championship only designated use.
2. The product was provided inspection report by state environmental protection administration of China guangzhou vehicle emission monitoring center .
3. The product was provided inspection report by national automotive quality supervision and inspection center (xiangfan).
4. The product quality was supervised and inspected by the national car centre provides inspection report .
5. Honored ISO9001:2000 quality authentication from Beijing Mainland Aviation-Star.
6. Applied for intellectual patent from state intellectual property office of the People's Republic of China .

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